Orlando Wetlands Festival 2016

Orlando Wetlands Park

The Orlando Wetlands Park has more than 20 miles of roads and woodland trails leading through marshes, hardwood hammocks and along scenic lakes. It's a great place for bird-watching, photography, jogging and bicycling.
All paths are foot-traffic only. Parking lot, restroom facility and picnic tables are available at the main entrance.

map of the wetlands

Friends of the Orlando Wetlands (FOW)

education center

The Friends of the Orlando Wetlands (FOW) are hosting an Education Center at the Main Entrance of the Orlando Wetlands Park, to increase community awareness and support the appreciation of the park and its wildlife.
The Friends of the Orlando Wetlands - A Volunteer Group, offer a variety of programs on Friday and Saturdays. Please visit our Event/Schedule page for details.

Wildlife of the Orlando Wetlands Park

The open waters of the lake and marshes attract wintering waterfowl, wood storks, white ibis, black-crowned night herons, and other wading birds are common during the cooler months. Bald eagles, limpkins, and red-shouldered hawks, black vultures, and turkey vultures are year round residents in the Orlando Wetlands Park. Raccoons, river otters, white-tailed deer and bobcats can be seen along the roads and hiking trails.



Seasonal Display:

Come in and visit our
Education Center (open
Fridays and Saturdays).
Our seasonal display for
October and November is
"Mammals of the Wetlands"

Park Hours

The Orlando Wetlands Park is open from sunrise to sunset.
The Park closes on November 15 and reopens on
February 1.

November 28, 2015
The park is CLOSED today!


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Christmas, FL 32709

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